Protest Green Technology

Protest Green Technology is define in several ways. The simplest is the knowledge of the use of tools and techniques to improve working conditions, organizational management, and artistic perspective to improve the efficiency of the product, machine, or human effort. Primitive man is known for his clever use of stone to transform it into weapons and shelter. SO The use of animal skin and tree bark to cover the body was a step towards fabric Protest Green Technology. Knowledge of the technology for controlling fire has radically changed the status of man, who has learned to add new things to his menu and to warm himself in a cold climate. Therefore The wheel brought us to the current state of global transportation


Primates Protest Green Technology from previous years behaved:

There is a difference in how primates from previous years behaved, how animals and birds around us use protest green technology, and how we use it. The difference is great. Their efforts were and still are to improve their living conditions which are compatible with the environment. Our efforts are diverse in many ways. The Protest Green Technology used to improve the efficiency of machines has focused its attention on human efficiency. Protest Green technology had no choice but to introduce it and take responsibility for the whole situation created by mankind.

Connecting all known technologies:

Protest Green Technology aims for an appropriate. Fair and sustainable environment by connecting all known technologies and human involvement with environmental science to preserve and improve the environment and bring it back to the quality available around 300 years ago. Protest Green technology can be describe as a sophistication of the available protest green technology. In that, it makes it possible to manage pollution of all kinds in such a way that they prove to be ecologically and economically respectful.

The basis of their carbon footprint:

Protest Green Technology are assess on the basis of their carbon footprint. Competitive and successful protest green technology has a low set of greenhouse gas emissions from people. Products, processes. Events or organizations. There are two ways to achieve the goal. SO The first category of protest green technology is to encourage and redefine conventional ways of keeping the carbon footprint low. So This is recycling and its extension to water and air purification. Solid waste treatment including wastewater treatment. Recycling defines the environment with conservation at its best. Used materials which are usually disposed of as waste are recycled into new products.

Recycling green waste for manure:

Composting is an old concept of recycling protest green technology waste for manure. because waste is now recycle instead of being incinerate. It reduces water pollution because there is less infill of the soil, which reduces the leaching that reaches the water bodies. SO Wastewater is purified by chemical, mechanical, and biological processes to convert it into beverages and other uses. The air is purified both in industries and in places where people live in confined spaces. Therefore Biodegradable waste is compost to produce fertilizers and biofuels. SO Protest Green Technology, which creates and maintains the green state, has mainly focused its attention on renewable energy sources.

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