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The term protect green technology can conjure up images of scientists designing futuristic solar or wind power equipment. But it is more than that. Protect green technology is derive from the Greek word technologies, which means the systematic treatment of an art. There are many actions you can take consistently every day that may seem low-tech compared to a hybrid car. but that save time and money while improving the health of the world we all live in. In the process. you can create a protect green technology innovation for the work you are currently doing or create a new opportunity for yourself in this fast-growing economic sector.

What is it?

According to Green Technology. A non-profit initiative design to promote sustainability through public-private collaboration, the main goals of protect green technology are: Sustainability: to meet our needs without degrading or damaging natural resources or harming our children’s ability to support themselves Sustainable design: technical products so that they can eventually be recycle for later use instead of being thrown away with the so-call “cradle” for crib design

Source reduction:

changing production and consumption patterns to reduce waste Innovation: finding alternatives to unhealthy protect green technology such as fossil fuels or petrochemicals. Feasibility: use of products and activities that benefit health and the environment so that they are adopt more quickly, generate employment and the prices of products fall due to a greater supply.

How can you play a role?

Adopt green habits. From the list of protect green technology living ideas on our personal website below, choose three that you can and, more importantly. That you will immediately adopt as a new routine in your life. SO Remember that protect green technology requires a systematic approach. Stick to what you choose and add others as you can. Make a difference in the workplace. SO This may include starting or improving a recycling program, helping to facilitate more energy efficient building functions or consumptions, transitioning to purchasing practices that support environmentally friendly products, or allowing flexible planning from the ground up. Home to reduce the need for building space and travel costs.

Discussions or classes:

SO Become an expert. Educate yourself done web resources, books, and discussions or classes. Find out what other people in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest is doing to innovate and emulate protect green technology practices. Therefore Make a suggestion to your boss, your school district, your housing association. Or other body to set a goal and how you will monitor its achievement.

Don’t Protect Green Technology cost more?

The answer to this depends on how you look at the “price”. At the dealership, a hybrid Toyota Prius costs more than a similarly equipped gasoline car. Over its useful life, you will almost certainly cover the additional costs through better fuel efficiency and lower repair speeds due to fewer moving parts. An example is production waste. A chemical cleaning company can remove waste up to the legally permitted limits for air, water, or solid waste at no cost. The Protect Green Technology company often uses protect green technology to pollute much less. But at a price that is partially pass on to the consumer.

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