Environmental Remediation Technology

Nature has always known how to find a way to maintain the balance that is essential for life, even when it comes to environmental Remediation Technology. Since the beginning of time, environmental remediation Technology has been nature’s prefer way of restoring the balance of soil and groundwater. In today’s environment, the huge increase in man-made pollutants has made environmental remediation Technology more crucial than ever.info technology hub

Remediation Technology strategy

Environmental Remediation Consultants (ERC), use environmental integration as an environmental remediation Technology strategy using bacteria that are pure strains, single lineage cells originally isolate from the oil drilling mud. These organisms breathe with the help of dioxide or other electron acceptors in their metabolism. Inorganic co-treatments are add as needed to support growth. Vapor penetration is also suppress by using these co-treatments.

Environmental Protection

Treatments are tailor to local conditions and combine the right combination of bacteria and co-treatments. Each mix is ​​determine by soil conditions and contamination profiles. The cells are culture and inoculate at concentrations that ensure good population growth. Soil and groundwater are clean at the same time. This technology has been accepted by the EPA for innovative treatment technologies and by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for all three contaminated categories.

All types of hydrocarbons, including chlorinated organic substances, decompose easily and quickly. This list includes crude oil, fuels, BTEX, MTBE, TCP, cleaning fluids (PCE), TCE, coal tar, dioxins, PCBs, and more.

Unlike traditional and outdated cleaning methods, environmental integration does not interfere with ongoing business. It can be done under buildings, roads and parking lots without altering its integrity. Containment barriers are not require, nor are NPDES permits require. No evaporation occurs, eliminating the need for air quality monitors or emissions controls.

Environmental Remediation Consultants

At Environmental Remediation Consultants (ERC), environmental integration remedies are comprehensive, effective, and fast. The costs are, on average, significantly lower than traditional strategies. After the repair is complete, the only end products are carbon dioxide and water. Any remaining bacteria eventually die when the (contaminated) food source disappears or becomes food for higher life forms.

We have successfully remediated a waste oil spill from a wetlands LL&E refinery in Alabama. We have detailed reports available showing our ability to degrade everything from PCBs to removing sludge from wastewater treatment plants.

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