Chain Management

SMEs and Green Supply Chain Management

Chain Management To compete in the 21st century, you need to develop a global supply chain management strategy. Developments in technology have been released before closed markets for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that otherwise lacked the resources to compete globally. Along with the ability to compete globally, SMEs must develop capacities to manage their

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Geographic Information

Geographic Information System Software: An Essential Key to Successful Environmental Management

Researchers have used geographic information systems since the 1960s to provide governments, industries. And decision makers with key data to inform their decision making. Since then, geographic information GIS software geographic information has become the key to successful environmental management. More than an aid to mapping and monitoring areas that may be adversely affect by

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development or Sustainability, An Environmental Management System for Companies – Part I

Businesses evolve and dissolve sometimes. The useful life of companies is based on their sustainability. The stronger the basis for maintaining the business. The longer its useful life. Sustainable Development and progress take place when sustainability is present. Sustainable development or sustainability may have been the term more and more used at this time. Specifically

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Management Software

Environmental Management Software

Environmental management software can be an integral part of the organizational structure of a company depending on its operations. In some cases, these activities can be very extensive and therefore require the use of environmental management software (EMS). The goal of such software is to streamline the full range of these activities effectively. Among the

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